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Excellence in equine arts
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Newest Deviations

Floki Drakkar by Skarbog Floki Drakkar :iconskarbog:Skarbog 11 0 Guardian by Skarbog Guardian :iconskarbog:Skarbog 14 1 Moondancer by Skarbog Moondancer :iconskarbog:Skarbog 11 0 JIllzz by Skarbog JIllzz :iconskarbog:Skarbog 15 0 Gift Colour by Skarbog Gift Colour :iconskarbog:Skarbog 8 0 Untitled by Skarbog Untitled :iconskarbog:Skarbog 8 0 Herte by Skarbog Herte :iconskarbog:Skarbog 8 0 Moonprayers by Skarbog Moonprayers :iconskarbog:Skarbog 16 0 Herte by Skarbog Herte :iconskarbog:Skarbog 12 0 Gift by Skarbog Gift :iconskarbog:Skarbog 9 0 Icedragon by Skarbog Icedragon :iconskarbog:Skarbog 11 0 First Kill by Skarbog First Kill :iconskarbog:Skarbog 9 0 Ardona-Skarbog by Skarbog Ardona-Skarbog :iconskarbog:Skarbog 12 2 Groomed Horse Skarbog by Skarbog Groomed Horse Skarbog :iconskarbog:Skarbog 6 0 Jeroen Bosch Giraffe - skarbog by Skarbog Jeroen Bosch Giraffe - skarbog :iconskarbog:Skarbog 13 1 009 BC 2016 - Skarbog by Skarbog 009 BC 2016 - Skarbog :iconskarbog:Skarbog 8 0
A small display of some of my most recent frubjes ^_^

Japanese Fantasy 100

Official Japanese fantasy 100
Completed: 25%

"Given a list of 100 simple tiltes, the artist will come up with a picture for each. They all must be fantasy in theme, and use continuing characters, written 'stories' that accompany the art is also allowed."

1 Castle of Sand

2 Captured Daughter
Captured daugther by Skarbog

3 World of Heaven
Lothlorien, a world of heaven by Skarbog

4 Lord of Gods
Iceghoul stormshadow by Skarbog

5 Trade City

6 Quarrel
Quarrel by Skarbog

7 Tree Spirit in the Forest

Mature Content

Tree Spirit in the Forest by Skarbog

8 Further Power
9 Seal
10 Summit
11 Title
12 Young Ruler

13 Millet Dumpling
Millet dumpling by Skarbog

14 High-class Mushrooms
15 Hero Training Stones

16 Jealously
A moment lost by Skarbog

17 It is Completely…

18 Transformation
Transformation by Skarbog

19 The First Adventure
20 Hades
21 Miracle

22 Everyday Scenery
Hippocampicorn by Skarbog

23 Treasure
24 I want to meet you
25 Walk
26 Sanctuary from which it Fell
27 Dusk comes with thought
28 The Mark to wipe away Darkness
29 Inheritance from a Foreign Country
30 Impure Mark
31 In Order to Win, Don't Choose Force
32 Ring
33 Beast People

34 Protector of the Illusionary Woods
Protector by Skarbog

35 Secret of Abandoned Mine
Secret of the abandoned mine by Skarbog

36 Children's Wild Party
37 Witch and Magician
38 Stellar Maiden
39 Solar Hope
40 Comfort of the Moon
41 Last Judgment
42 Alchemy
43 Royal Family by a Mistress
44 Ancient Shrine Maiden
45 Yamata no Orochi (Japanese Serpent with eight heads and eight tails)

46 Pledge of Blood
Pledge of Blood by Skarbog

47 Large Pinch!
48 Running-Hard Playtime
49 Missing Child
50 Past, Present, and Future
51 Golden Harp
52 It was Only Thought that it Wanted.

53 50/50 (Fifty-fifty)
50/50 by Skarbog

54 Lurking Shadow
Lurking Shadow by Skarbog

55 New Species Discovery!
struthiocornicus by Skarbog

56 Spring Thunder
57 Shimmer of Hot Air

58 Rainbow of Winter Sky
Rainbow of a winter sky by Skarbog

59 Morning Star
60 Dog wolf star (Sirius)

61 Starting Eve
Starting Eve by Skarbog

62 Tear
63 Thank You
64 Drowning in water
65 Dusk

66 Doll
Doll by Skarbog

67 Letter
68 Passion

69 Empty Present
Empty Present by Skarbog

70 Pointing to the Shining Garden
Pointing to the shining garden by Skarbog

71 Even if it Gets Rained on
72 Independend Action

73 Date and Whim
Date and Whim by Skarbog

74 Thief
75 Mask
76 Ambition
77 Torn Map
78 Exotic Song
79 Door

80 Gentle Evil Spirit
Gentle evil Spirit by Skarbog

81 Lure
82 Flying Swallow (bird)
83 Prairie of Fantasy
84 Contents of a Box

85 A Place to Return to
a place to return to by Skarbog

86 It is Puzzled

87 Trader
Trader by Skarbog

88 Fantasy
89 Stopping on the Way

90 1000 Years
1000 years.... by Skarbog

91 Do I Die in Such a Place?
Do I die in such a place? by Skarbog

92 Image
93 I am not forgotten.
94 Utopia
95 Wings

96 Aurora
Aurora by Skarbog

97 Decisive Battle
Epic Battle by Skarbog

98 Just a little Loneliness
99 Your Dream
100 Hey, let's go on a journey!

Fantasy 100 Challenge

Fantasy 100 Challenge
Completed: 22%


2. Love
A last farewell by Skarbog

3. Light
4. Dark

5. Seeking Solace
Seeking Solace... by Skarbog

6. Break Away
7. Heaven
8. Innocence
9. Drive

10. Breathe Again
Kelpie by Skarbog

11. Memory

12. Insanity
Insanity by Skarbog

13. Misfortune
Misfortune by Skarbog

14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Questioning
17. Blood
18. Rainbow
19. Gray
20. Fortitude
21. Vacation
22. Mother Nature

23. Cat
Cat by Skarbog

24. No Time

25. Trouble Lurking
Trouble lurking by Skarbog

26. Tears

27. Foreign
Foreign by Skarbog

28. Sorrow
Sorrow by Skarbog

29. Happiness
30. Under the Rain

31. (unicorn)Flowers
Springtime Unicorn by Skarbog

32. Night
33. Expectations
34. Stars
35. Hold My Hand
36. Precious Treasure
37. Eyes

38. Abandoned
Abandoned, no unicorn by Skarbog

39. Dreams
40. Rated
41. Teamwork

42. Standing Still
Standing Still by Skarbog

43. Dying
44. Two Roads
45. Illusion

46. Family
Centaur Love by Skarbog

47. Creation
48. Childhood
49. Stripes

50. Breaking the Rules
Breaking the rules by Skarbog

51. Sport

52. Deep in Thought
Deep in thoughts.... by Skarbog

53. Keeping a Secret
Keeping a secret by Skarbog

54. Tower

55. Waiting
Waiting in the woods by Skarbog

56. Danger Ahead
57. Sacrifice

58. Kick!
Kicking by Skarbog

59. No Way Out
No way out....unicorn by Skarbog

60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale
62. Magic

63. Do Not Disturb

64. Multitasking
65. Horror
66. Traps

67. Playing the Melody
Playing the Melody by Skarbog

68. Hero
69. Annoyance
70. 67%
71. Obsession
72. Mischief Managed
73. I Can't

74. Are You Challenging Me?
Ragnor Silithius by Skarbog

75. Mirror
76. Broken Pieces
77. Test
78. Drink
79. Starvation
80. Words
81. Pen and Paper
82. Can You Hear Me?
83. Heal

84. Out Cold
Out Cold, ice within by Skarbog

85. Spiral
86. Seeing Red
87. Food
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire
90. Triangle
91. Drowning
92. All That I Have
93. Give Up
94. Last Hope

95. Advertisement
Advertisement by Skarbog

96. In the Storm
97. Safety First

98. Puzzle
puzzle by Skarbog

99. Solitude
100. Relaxation

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 1:12 AM



So it has been a while, we have been very busy with work, painting and exhibits.

 I still have to upload a lot though, time is still not my friend. 


Yes, Let’s try this again (or so i hope :P (Lick))

This challenge will be used as a warming up before working on larger pieces and I won't be updating this every week I guess.

All Entries so far:…


At the moment i am not working on any pieces due to lack of time.

Of course some of the other works in progress can be followed during their WIP stadium on my sketchaccount: :iconskarbog-sketch:

Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think!


Find me on facebook! ^_^Check it out!! For more updates, news

Well, first things first, back to work now! 

:iconcrowd-plz: :iconcrowd-plz::iconcrowd-plz::iconcrowd-plz::iconcrowd-plz:


:firelite-photo: Skarbog :firelite-photo:




Yes, as a warming up exercise I shall try to fullfill the challenge of 365 horsedrawings this year, 1 horsedrawing a day keeps the artistblock away (or so i hope :P (Lick))

This challenge will be used as a warming up before working on larger pieces and I won't be updating this every day I guess.

All Entries so far:…

 Januari 2015
2015-01-01 Ice Unicorn - Skarbog by Skarbog  2015-01-02 - dancer - Skarbog by Skarbog  2015-01-03 - icedancerr - Skarbog by Skarbog  2015-01-04 -dikke billen - Skarbog by Skarbog  2015-01-05 -Noooooooooo by Skarbog  2015-01-06 -spotty by Skarbog  2015-01-07 -Heavenly by Skarbog  2015-01-08 -kelpie 1 by Skarbog  2015-01-09- Redroses by Skarbog  2015-01-10  Looking At It by Skarbog  2015-01-11 -Bloodlust by Skarbog  2015-01-12 - I wish by Skarbog 2015-01-13 woodlands by Skarbog 2015-01-14 -Dengtek- skarbog by Skarbog 2015-01-15-cavepaint 1 by Skarbog  2015-01-16-cavepaint 2 Perchmerlel by Skarbog  2015-01-17 by Skarbog   2015-01-18 - Dia De Los Muertos by Skarbog  2015-01-19 Hair Lots Of Hair by Skarbog  2015-01-20 by Skarbog  2015-01-21 Adventure by Skarbog 2015-01-22 Day And Night by Skarbog  2015-01-23 Pjuukje by Skarbog  2015-01-24 experimental by Skarbog 2015-01-25 Cavepaintt by Skarbog 2015-01-26 Red by Skarbog  2015-01-27 Winterstar by Skarbog  2015-01-28 Bluer by Skarbog 2015-01-29 Yellowr by Skarbog 2015-01-30 Greenr by Skarbog  2015-01-31 Horsas by Skarbog


Collection of paintings of bones and dead animals.…

At the moment i have a separate folder for a new subject within the project, the dead turtle. You can find it here:…

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